Business Developing Group is a Consulting Company founded in 2006.  We are dedicated to support and develop investment projects. Our goal is to find the most effective funding source and development opportunities, offering a complete package of services in management, business consulting and design, at the highest standards of quality and competence. Part of our team you can find the best specialists in the business.  After 11 years of continuous and succesfull activity, we gained experience in various fields such as agriculture, energy, manufacturing, services, tourism, infrastructure, public utilities, transport and social services.

We have implemented Structural Funded Projects and also projects that are financed by the European Grants Lines such as: SAPARD, RDP, POR, POSCCE, The Environmental Funds, Government Funds and other funding sources.
What are our clients benefits?

1.Success guaranteed

Payment on achieving objectives.

2.Complete solutions

You get consulting, management and engineering design services, based on a single contract. You keep in touch with a single person to find out the stage and indicators of your project. Avoid the risk of blocking or delaying the project due to incompatibility between different types of specialists working in different companies, who each take responsibility for a certain part of the project.

3.Minimum risk

In the starting phase and during implementation, we constantly evaluate the project development stage. In over seven years of activity we have developed skills, managing projects in various fields: European funds, bank financing, agriculture, renewable energy, utility infrastructure, social infrastructure, production, tourism and services, for private and public investors. We have the experience and ability to interpret legislation and collaborate with public factors involved.


We are willing to approach any investment on modules. Our customers have the possibility to choose only a part of our services or a gradual approach.

5.Service quality

In the interests of performance and quality we have implemented the ISO standard and also from 2011 we are active members in the Association Management Consultants from Romania.