During our eleven years of activity, we gained experience in various fields such as agriculture, energy, production, services, tourism, infrastructure, utilities, transport and social. We have implemented structural funding projects and European funding projects, financed by: SAPARD, RDP, POR, POSCCE, Environment Fund, government funding and other funding sources. For more details please visit the portfolio page. The main categories of services that we provide with maximum professionalism are:


Business Consulting
  • Analysis of business opportunities
  • Advice and support for business creation and development
  • Evaluation of investment projects
Consulting for attracting EU funds:
  • Consulting for accessing EU funds: identifying funding opportunities, evaluation of the applicant and project eligibility, evaluation of the scoring criteria and making recommendations to increasing the chances of success.
  • Developing business plans, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, cost-benefit analysis, budgets, estimates, etc.
  • Filling the application form and related Annexes
  • Filling the reimbursement request
  • Other studies and specific documentation
  • Post-implementation consulting
  • Consulting in collaboration with institutions and authorities that grand permits
  • Advice and support to identify opportunities for crediting
  • Elaborating documentations required to obtain credit

Project management

  • Investment projects management
  • Tracking the contracts for execution of works

Engineering Design

  • Studies of Opportunity
  • Designing urban plans PUZ, PUD: Elaboration of documentation required to obtain permits, elaboration of urban plans, obtaining licenses , permits and approvals required.
  • Civil and industrial design: elaborating the necessary documentation to obtain approvals, documentation for the DTAC, PT, CS, DDE phases , obtaining licenses , permits and approvals required for all specialties ( architecture, structure , interior installations and urban networks ) . Documentation for removal from agricultural circuit.
  • Designing capacities for energy production: Preparing the necessary documentation to obtain approvals, documentation for DTAC, PT, CS, DDE phases, solution studies , documentation for establishment permits, producer licenses, accreditation, obtaining licenses , permits and approvals necessary for operating photovoltaic parks, biogas and biomass plants or other similar investments .
  • Technical surveys , topographic and geotechnical studies .
  • Preparing documentation required to obtain operating permits .
  • Other studies and projects.